F A Q 'S

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for my photo session?

Always wear what you feel confident and comfortable in - wear what you love! I definitely prefer warm tones and muted colors just because I know that they tend to fit well with my style of editing. You can never go wrong with black. I love it when my clients keep it simple and casual because that's what I love my photographs to evoke. I want you to feel free to move around, have fun, and just completely be yourself. Feel free to ask for my “style guide” if you’re looking for some ideas!

How will I receive the photographs?

I deliver the images through an online gallery, where they can be downloaded and printed at the place of your choice.

Will I have access to the original un-edited images?

No, I put a lot of time and effort into editing and it is my promise to deliver only the best from the session. 

How long after the session will I receive the photos?

It typically takes me about 2-4 weeks to complete and send the gallery for sessions. Wedding galleries take me about 1-2 months, depending on varying factors.

Are you accompanied by a second photographer for weddings?

Yes, I am! I am accompanied by my sister, Mackenzie. It’s a sister duo! I know how important it is to capture as much as possible on your big day. Therefore, having a second photographer means that we are able to get two different perspectives of some of your most special moments.